Articles are a cost effective way

Articles are a cost effective way of marketing any type of business online. They have been tested and proven to work well in terms of promoting a business and its offerings to the general public, attracting a good share of readers on the internet and increasing one's credibility.

But in order for articles to do their magic, they should include more than just the title or headline and the details of your story. There's one important part of an article that business owners should never forget to include today. What is it?

A resource box! Many authors and entrepreneurs will agree that a well written resource box has a greater chance of driving traffic, building credibility and getting the right market exposure for your business.

What is a resource box?

A resource box is that part of the article situated at the bottom that tells something about the author. It's where readers will get to know the person or business behind the article and what they do.

This box is a way to let interested readers know where they can find out more about the author and his or her products or services whether it's on their websites or blogs. It's an effective tool to drive traffic to a site. You will normally find this resource box in most articles published in both free and paid article submission directories.

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