Charles: I’m interviewing in this article, Norm Bettencourt, expert on close quarters fighting and ground fighting as well. Norm, before we get into our subject for tonight, tell us a little about yourself and your background. angka tarung

Norm: Well, I hold a black belt in karate and I run a scenario-based self defense street fighting school in Vancouver, B.C. And what I teach is people how to fight in real-world situations, such as apartments, back alleys. I also have about 15 years of experience in the security industry working as a bouncer, bodyguard and doing other numerous security gigs.

Charles: As we know anybody who has ever observed real street fighting knows that oftentimes it goes to the ground. So, we want to find out what are the secrets of ground fighting. Can you give us some sure-fire tips about that?

Norm: For sure.

Tip Number One is You Want To Get Up Off The Ground As Fast As You Can – This is not a UFC match. He could have friends coming around, and you don’t want to be laying on the ground playing that chess game because his friends, all they have to do is go and stomp on your body, and you’re finished. So:

Rule Number One – Get Up Off The Ground As Fast As You Can.

Secret Number Two – If You Land On The Ground, Your Feet Come Up Automatically – You want to kick out your feet, hitting your attackers shins, his knees, his face. You want to kick those feet out immediately.

Secret Number Three – If He Does Mount You, You Want To Either Put Your Feet Or Your Knees Onto Your Attackers Hips – By placing it onto his hips, you then can have better control over his body weight. From their, you want to grab his head and pull it in towards you–and bite! You want to definitely bite him on any exposed body parts. So you grab that head, pull it in towards you–bite the ear–bite the cheek off–or just bite the hand if you can, again, any exposed body parts. That will make you to be able to reverse the position, and you will be able to mount him, and get up off the ground and deal with him in a better way. So biting is vital when it comes to ground fighting.