We all predict the future. When we read a story, educators tell us that we are unconsciously trying to guess what comes next in the story. It’s part of the fun of reading. Sometimes the author will give us hints about what is coming next such as using the writing technique of foreshadowing. ¬†prediksi hk 2d jitu malam ini

Here is an example of how the average person might make a prediction. Someone buys an old, used car. A friend says, “You just wasted your money. It’ll break down within the year (prediction). You would have done better buying a new one.” We are not only good at making a lot of predictions we are also good at covering our tracks when the prediction doesn’t pan out. If the car is purring along after a year, the friend might say, “Of course, it lasted longer than a year. You took better care of it than most people.” After two years, the friend might be saying, “Well, I guess you just got lucky and got a better-than-average care.” Very few people would say, “I was flat wrong about my prediction because your car is still running.”

Of course, we mortals act like this. That’s because we are not professional prognosticators. We all know that the pros do a much better job at making predictions. That is why they are interviewed for the knowledge they have to share.