The most primary function of the decoiler is for the safe screwing and unscrewing of the various pipes, bands, coils and such. The different controlling unit for the coil handling allows for accurate adjustment as well as carrying away of the process in a hassle free manner. The machine features breaks or shoes for maintaining the back tension. Today a plethora of machines are available in the market, each one engineered to the highest standard. Some of the most popular decoiling units are as under: world press machine

1) Motorized Decoilers:

Motorized units are designed to sustain heavy loads. The machine is used for synchronization with wire or strip feeders. Sync enables the machine to start unwinding as long as the consumption of the machine is in process, rest of the time the device is ideal. The jaws are hydraulic operated and can be expanded manually if needed. Mechanical brakes provide for smooth working of the press.

2) Compact Decoiler:

As the name implies, the unit is very compact in design and boast a sturdy construction. The unit allows for uncoiling as well as straightening of coils, which makes for a useful addition in press units with limited work area. The unit makes for an inevitable tool to maximize the productivity of press industry. Owning to its high speed coil loading feature, it is extensively used as a vital component in automobile manufacturing units.